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Up to the period of independence (1950 - 1991)
To make travel and recreation of tourists interesting the horse riding and bicycling were arranged in tourist centers. ...
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To make travel and recreation of tourists interesting the horse riding and bicycling were arranged in tourist centers.
As in all the USSR during the years of the Second World War tourist excursion activities were cancelled.
During post-war years, sports, amateur, family and children tourism began to be a wide scoped. In September 1950 the tourist center has been created in Baku. At that time this tourist center was located in the recreation park named after Nizami.  In 1957 tourist centers were organized in Mingechevir and Hajıkend, too. Tourist centers began fucntioing in 1958 in Zagatala, in 1960 in Shusha and Goygol.
Tourism Excursion Department of Azerbaijan was named since 1962 as the Council of Tourism of the Azerbaijan Republic, and since 1969 as Council of Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Tourism Excursions. For organization of summer rest of Baku workers “Sputnik” tourist tent camp was established in 1962 with 150 people capacity in Nabran (Khachmaz region). In 1963 the tourist club in Baku, “Khazar” tourist center in Nabran, and in 1965 excursion bureaus in Baku, after two years in Ganja, Sumgait, in 1969 in Naftalan and Mardakan settlement of Baku were created. In 1970 in Zagatala and in 1972 in Shusha the new buildings of tourist centers and in 1975- in Gabala region of the Caucasus and Dostluq tourist center in Nabran , in the same year the “Karabakh” tourist hotel was put into operation. A little while ago excursion offices were opened in Khankendi (1971) and Mingechevir (1972).  
In subsequent years, in various regions of the republic; in 1978 in Nakhchivan the first tourism organization (Travel and Tours Office) was created. Years 1970 - 1987 are characterized by the development of social tourism perspective in the country. In order to expand material - technical base for foreign tourism in 1973 the largest hotel complex in the Republic of Azerbaijan hotel “Azerbaijan” was put into operation in Baku with 1942 beds. In 1978 the 200-seat comfortable “Moscow” Hotel has been added to the structure of “Intourist” joint-stock company.  Since 1929 the RTC became the country’s main center of the tourist movement and its sections were opened in different cities, as well as in Baku.
According to the experts who are engaged in tourism development Azerbaijani tourism had achieved the highest level in 1987. In the same year, 50 thousand from foreign countries and 250 thousand tourists from different regions of the Soviet Union visited the republic. In view of increase of tourist flow in republic the construction of tourist hotels for 300 people in Lankaran and Mingechevir each, for 200 people in Shusha,  Garabagh tourist hotel in Baku was begun.
The year 1983 was most memorable in the development of tourism in the Republic of Azerbaijan. That year by initiative and leadership of the then First Deputy Chairman of the USSR Soviet of Ministers H. Aliyev on the shores of the Caspian Sea of Azerbaijan the relevant decision was adopted for creation of resort zones with all-union importance. After that, basing on decision of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated October 2,, 1984, No. 381, the scheme of tourism development in Azerbaijan republic was adopted.
In 1988 at result of events took place in the autonomous province of Nagorno-Karabakh and its adjacent territories the number of domestic and foreign tourists visiting Azerbaijan was decreased considerably. Imposing of state of emergency in Khankendi, Shusha, Sumgait, and then in Baku in fact, led to freezing of activities of a number of tourism organizations in these regions of the republic. The hostile policy carried out by Armenians against Azerbaijanis, resulted in exodus of hundreds of thousands of refugees from those areas. By the decision of the Government of the Republic the Azerbaijanis driven away from   Armenia in December of 1988 were accommodated in the tourist centers.
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