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I’ve often seen Gafoor wearing athletic cloths. We live in the same building not far from the ...
22-01-2013 15:47
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I’ve often seen Gafoor wearing athletic cloths. We live in the same building not far from the Ontario Science Centre. Initially I thought it was Gafoor’s attire style. However, when we started talking at the entrance to the building recently, I found out I was mistaken. He said he liked doing sports.

I am a supporter of the healthy life style and do my own complex of exercises every morning. I also like swimming and taking a sauna. Unfortunately, the sauna in our building has been broken for more than one and a half years. The building management wouldn’t fix it despite of my numerous requests. Moreover, the building’s pool is open five days a week at the fixed hours only that cased me inconvenience and I couldn’t use it because it would be closed mostly when I really needed to use it.

In addition, I couldn’t use it sometimes because of the reasons that don’t depend on me. For example, water in the pool would be cold or the pool would be closed for repairing, etc. Because of those problems many people who used to come there have just lost the habit going there, so the pool was lonely mostly and I didn’t like being there alone. Finding out about Gafoor’s hobby I invited him to our building’s swimming pool and sauna few days after the sauna had at last been fixed.

After the swimming, while sitting in the sauna I said to Gafoor we had to come to the pool and sauna often. In response Gafoor said he wasn’t eager coming there because he was a member of the Good Life Fitness Club and went there to exercise almost every day; that the club had both steam room and sauna as well so he could attend those facilities any time of the day or night, morning or evening, and there wasn’t any need to come to our building’s “inconvenient” facilities.

I was surprised very much hearing the Goof Life Fitness Club was close to our place of residence because I’ve never heard about the existence of any fitness club in our neighbourhood before. To be honest, I didn’t even try to find out about such facilities because I didn’t trust them. However, I was wrong.

According to Gafoor, the Good Life Fitness Club was open 24 hours on weekdays and from the early morning till 6 PM on weekends. There were plenty of different kind of exercising machines and devices. “You can also ask for a towel and take sauna after you finish exercising”, said Gafoor. “There are shaving creams and aftershaves in the men’s room for free”, added he. “In addition, there are two automatic massage chairs where you can get 15 minutes of free massage”.

Gafoor said he would take me to the club three times for free so I was able to see everything myself and get familiar with the facilities. I accepted his suggestion immediately.

The next day we were running together towards the Good Life Fitness Club. I didn’t expect the club was very large. It is situated on three floors. First you enter the reception on the ground floor where is a squash court. You can also take massage there, too. Then you go downstairs to the change room with showers, sauna, steam room and lockers.

The work-up facility with a plenty of machines, devices, cycling room, etc. is on the second floor. There is also an automatic blood pressure device, too. Don’t be afraid if you don’t know how to use them. You can learn them attending orientation sessions called Fit Fix and Cardio. If you are not aware of where or how to start exercising, just join Team Training and Group Exercise groups. Besides, you can share your concerns with other experienced and friendly members of the club getting socialized with them. Good Life Fitness Clubs Inc. which is the largest chain of fitness facilities in Canada was founded by David Patchell-Evans. His book called Living the Good Life was printed in 1,150.000 copies. If you become one of more than 750.000 members of the club, you will receive not only a complimentary copy of the book but a bag, wallet, T-short, etc. for free. Who are the members of the club? They are the people of different age categories who gained a strong health, became confident and muscular attending the club.

I saw many familiar faces in the club which I knew for years but even couldn’t imagine they would attend the fitness club. Thanks to Gafoor, now I can’t imagine my life without the club. In a very short period of time my health and my body improved significantly. Exercising also improved my self-esteem and made me more confident.

According to statistics only one out of five people exercise regularly. If you don’t want to be part of those who consist of 80% of not active population any more, it’s time to start a new life with Good Life Fitness Club. Don’t wait and act now! Come in for your free 3 day pass to 250 Ferrand Drive, North York, or call 416-424-2422 and ask for Julia Antipa for detailed information about Good Life Fitness Club. You will not regret.

Bakhtier Shakhnazarov, Licensed paralegal and interpreter-translator (English-Turkish-Uzbek-Russian), cell: 647-997-7667, email: sbakhtier@yahoo.com

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22-01-2013 15:47
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