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High Tensions Along Syria-Turkey Border
Turkey says it does not want war, amid high tensions along Turkey Syria border. ...
19-10-2012 12:56
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Turkey says it does not want war, amid high tensions along Turkey Syria border. Tension has been high as Turkish jet fighter was shot down by Syrian army this summer, and again in the early-October as Syrian artillery shell killed Turkish children and a woman near the border. Turkey responded by bombing nearby villages.
Syria is in the midst of a civil war, seeking support from its allies Russia and Iran, trying to oppose the rebels, Free Syrian Army, supported by the US, Turkey, EU, and US-backed Arab states. Syria accused Turkey for supporting and hosting the opposition forces, allegedly providing them with supplies.
Following the Syrian artillery shell landed in Turkish border village, the Turkish parliament authorized troop deployments beyond its borders. Reportedly, Turkish military had been deployed in the area following the deadly incident. Turkish chief of staff reiterated that the country would use ‘greater force’ if Syrian shells continue to hit Turkish villages.
Recently, Turkey forced Syrian passenger plane coming from Moscow to land in Turkey, on October 10. Russia demanded an explanation, while the analysts claim the situation is ‘escalating’.
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan explained the landing of the Syrian plane by revealing that the flight carried ‘munitions’ sent by Russia to Syrian’s Defense Ministry. Mr. Erdogan claimed that it was against international rules to carry weaponry through Turkish borders. Moscow accused Turkey for endangering lives of Russian citizens. Damascus called the act ‘piracy’, and according to Syria’s news agency SANA, the country banned Turkish planes from flying through Syrian airspace.
Syria possesses the largest stockpile of chemical weapons in the world. The fact raises concerns that endangered Assad might use the weapons, or Hezbollah militia, or al-Qaeda and its supporting militants might capture them. However, the civil war continues to pose threats of losing control over non-conventional weapons in the country.
About 30,000 people have died since the inception of the Syrian civil war, in March 2011.

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High Tensions Along Syria-Turkey Border -
19-10-2012 12:56
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